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repairing crashed hard drives
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Need some data recovered?

Your hard drive is going click-click-click. Or maybe it’s just not going at all. Your camera or memory stick is corrupt. You need some documents un-deleted or some photos retrieved.

You’ve talked to computer stores and repair shops, but they can’t help. They’re just computer doctors, and like real doctors they can only heal the sick. Your data has passed on, kicked the bucket, bought the farm—gone to the great hard drive in the sky.

What you need is someone who can recover data from the dead…

We specialise in revivifying hard drives, summoning lost files, and conjuring data back from the great beyond. In fact, we’re so good that Kiwi computer companies have stopped sending crashed drives to Singapore to be resuscitated—now they just send them to us. You won’t find a better, friendlier, speedier, or more secure data recovery centre in New Zealand.

Want your data back?